Traffic Tickets

Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets can be beaten. I go to traffic court for you, so you can keep living your life instead of being stuck in traffic court. Avoiding points on your driving record and maintaining that nice “good driver discount” with your auto insurance company is what I am best at.

Ticket Dismissed!
I work hard to get your ticket dismissed! There are a lot of legal defenses that are available to you in all cases. I know them all. It doesn’t matter if it is a radar or speedometer, I know how to contest the precision and accuracy of these devices as a matter of practice.

Misdemeanor/ DUI

California traffic misdemeanors have fines that could be up to $2000 and are serious crimes that could even result in actual jail time. Driving under the influence, driving without a license, reckless driving is just some of the California traffic misdemeanors.

For a DUI a hearing with the DMV must be demanded within ten (10) days of your arrest in order to keep your license. DMV hearings are defensible given the right facts, and a restricted license may be granted after thirty (30) days of suspension in those cases where the suspension is upheld.

Commercial Drivers

About 400,000 tickets are issued each month to truckers, with your commercial driver's license (CDL) one serious violation can stick to your record for 3 years and may place you on probation. We can defend your CDL against...

  • Speeding tickets
  • Red light tickets, and trucker specific tickets such as:
  • Overweight Violations
  • Logbook Violations
  • Following too closely


If you or a loved one are Arrested or are the Target of an Investigation You have the right to an attorney - Use this right!

We defend adults, juveniles, professionals, college students, military personnel, public employees, and anyone else who faces serious charges in state court. Here is a list of offenses we can help you with:

  • Violent crimes from simple assault or weapons offenses to gang crimes, armed robbery, kidnapping or homicide
  • Sex offenses such as sexual assault, statutory rape or online solicitation of a minor
  • Felony DUI, injuring someone.
  • Drug crimes, including drug investigation, drug possession, distribution, cultivation, manufacturing, and trafficking
  • Domestic violence, including spousal abuse or elder abuse
  • Juvenile defense, including misdemeanor property crimes, high school or college student crimes and serious felonies
  • Serious traffic violations such as reckless driving or driving without a license
  • Probation or parole problems, involving new charges or technical violations
  • Theft offenses, including felony or misdemeanor charges of larceny, robbery, grand theft, shoplifting, grand theft auto or burglary
  • Credit card fraud, including bank fraud, forgery or identity theft
  • White collar crimes, including money laundering, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud embezzlement and Internet crimes.
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If you meet the following criteria, you are entitled to petition the court for an expungement (dismissal) of your criminal conviction whether the conviction was for a felony, misdemeanor or infraction:

1. You were convicted in State NOT Federal Court.

2. You did not serve ANYTIME in State Prison as a result of your conviction. This does NOT include local or County Jail.

3. You are no longer on Informal or Formal probation as a result of the conviction which means you completed all terms of probation successfully.

4. You did not violate any of your probation terms.

5. You are not currently facing a new offense.

6. You are currently not on informal or formal probation for a new criminal offense

7. You are not serving a sentence for a new criminal offense. (California Penal Code: 286(c), 288, 288.5, 289(j), and 261.5(d) which all involve serious sex offenses with minor children are not eligible for expungement)

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